Questions & Answers

It is evident from questions asked by new and not-so-new members that Mensa can be a world of jargon, so to simplify things here are the answers to some common questions...

Where does East Midlands Mensa cover?

We have an elongated region mostly around the M1 from Lincolnshire in the north to Hertfordshire in the south. Rumour has it that we comprise the bits left over after all the other regions had originally been sorted! If you live close to our border you are, of course, welcome to attend events in neighbouring regions.

What is Empress?

Empress stands for East Midlands Press and is the eight page regional newsletter of East Midlands Mensa which is published monthly along with the Mensa Magazine. We currently have three editors - Lucy, Rosie and Nick - who are hardworking volunteers. Empress is YOUR newsletter and contributions are always gratefully received whether it be a quiz, puzzle, photo, review of an event, letter or news of your fundraising event. In addition we occasionally feature profiles of members or Special Interest Groups.

What is the East Midlands Mensa web site?

East Midlands Mensa has it's own web site at (But you already know that because you're reading it!) It is updated frequently so you can find out what events are happening when the Magazine goes to print rather than when it arrives at your door (up to two months in advance). Reviews and photos of events are always being added. In addition you will find contact details and photos of all officers in the East Midlands region so you will know who to look out for if it's your first event.

What is the East Midlands Mensa email group?

We have an email group for notification of events (both advance and impromptu), to kick around event ideas, to arrange car shares to regional events, etc. This is not a chat list so is therefore low traffic and will not clog up your inbox. To join simply send a blank email (nothing in the subject box or body of the message) to Your membership will be verified before you are subscribed.

What is the East Midlands Mensa Facebook group?

We also have a Facebook group for notification of events, to arrange car shares, suggest future events and for general discussion on Mensa matters. Search for “East Midlands Mensa” on Facebook. Your membership will be verified before you are subscribed. Please note only current members living in the East Midlands region will be added.

What is a Local Officer?

Your Local Officer is a volunteer who acts as a Mensa contact for your postcode area and hosts occasional events; the frequency depends on the area covered and their own free time and other commitments. If there are no activities at a time or place to suit you, feel free to advertise an event yourself. Remember, Mensa is a DIY society! The more members organising events, the more the workload is shared and the happier we all are. Your Local Officer will always be pleased to hear from you with suggestions for events.

What does 3WOTM/LFOTM/etc mean?

To save space when advertising events in the Mensa Magazine regular pub socials are usually abbreviated to the day they are held. For example, 3WOTM means you will always find a group of Mensans at the advertised venue on the '3rd Wednesday Of The Month'. Likewise we have 'Last Friday Of The Month', 'First Tuesday Of The Month', etc. events.

What are SIGs?

SIG stands for Special Interest Group of which there are dozens within Mensa. They are a way of corresponding with like-minded people on a multitude of subjects. You are entitled to join two postal SIGs free of charge or any many e-SIGs as you wish as part of your Mensa membership. Additional ones cost only a few pounds to cover photocopying and postage. Most SIGs produce a newsletter - some monthly, some only a couple of times a year - and many have their own web site. Whether you are interested in rambling or rock music, genealogy or gardening, skiing or Star Trek there's bound to be something of interest.

What is the AG?

The AG is the Annual Gathering; a weekend of sightseeing, activities and socialising with members from around the UK and sometimes beyond. The only difference between the Annual Gathering and the many other regional weekends is that the British Mensa AGM takes place. Weekend gatherings are great fun, try one if you can!

Who are the Board?

The Board of Directors are a group of members elected to make decisions about the society. They meet several times per year to discuss such issues as funding, development, events, research and much more. The administration of the society is, however, run by paid staff at our head office at British Mensa Ltd, St John's House, St John's Square, Wolverhampton, WV2 4AH.

How can I get more involved?

There are lots of ways to get more benefits from your Mensa membership. Support your Local Officer by attending – or even hosting - an event. New faces are always very welcome! Join a SIG. Contribute to Empress. Write a letter to the Mensa Magazine. Take part in the Mensa Games competition. It's definitely a case of the more you put in, the more you get out!